Spark is one of, if not, the most sought after products Advocare offers.

Sugar-free and just 45 calories, AdvoCare’s Spark Energy Drink is a great way to start your day, boost your workout or simply kick the $4 a day Latte habit.

AdvoCare is lucky enough to fuel some of the most watch athletes in the world including some local favorites:

  • Former University of Washington & NFL Quarterback, Jake Locker
  • NFL Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck
  • Current Seahawks Tight End Zach Miller
  • Former Seahawks Quarterback Trent Dilfer

    Spark is a great answer for anyone looking for a boost of energy without the crash that often follows. Certified Banned-Substance Free AdvoCare’s Spark is great way for high school and college athletes to gain the extra energy they need to perform at an elite level.

    To learn more about the ways in which spark can benefit your daily routine contact Bailey or visit this Spark Product Page