Bailey Hoffman, Owner

Bailey Whipple
After more than 10 years a member, Bailey purchased Warrior Fitness in the fall of 2011. Before Warrior Fitness, Bailey earned her B.S., in Exercise and Sport Science from Western Washington University in 2006. In 2008 she became a CPR Certified NSCA Personal Trainer and began helping people achieve their fitness goals.

As the owner of Warrior Fitness, Bailey has the unique opportunity to provide all her clients with wonderful group workouts as well as access to everything Warrior Fitness provides in a one-on-one setting. To book your appointment with Bailey please CLICK HERE

Favorite Exercise: Roundkicks to tone your booty
Favorite Activity: I like to cross train with a little running, hot yoga, and strength training
Favorite Healthy Breakfast: Morning Star Sausage patties with egg whites and a chocolate protein shake

“This is my all time favorite way to get in shape and take out every day frustrations! You never feel like you are working out, but you are actually burning over 600 calories a class and building muscle to accelerate your metabolism for long lasting effect.”