Bethany White

Bethany SteadBethany has been a Warrior for 12 years and is an integral part of our instructor team. She brings amazing energy and new ideas to each class while pushing you to hit harder, move faster and finish each rep.

Favorite Exercise: Aside from kickboxing, Bethany has tried classes with an abdominal focus and loved every minute.
Favorite Activity: Trail running, hiking, tennis, and snow skiing
Favorite Healthy Breakfast: Homemade oat bars – A mix of oats, barley flour, nuts, seeds, dried cherries, grated apples— easy to freeze for a ready-to-grab healthy breakfast.

“There is just nothing more satisfying than pummeling a bag for fifty minutes after a long day. Even though I leave Warrior Fitness dripping with sweat, I feel completely refreshed and energized.”