Cindy Swanson

Cindy Swanson
Cindy has been part of the Warrior family for over 5 years. Her knowledge and experience is a great asset to our team. Ready for a dynamic, invigorating workout, come to Cindy’s class. She’ll conquer all that and more!

Favorite Exercise: Kickboxing, but next in line is walking her dogs!
Favorite Activity: Raising 3 kids is her main activity. They spend as much time as they can in the summer on the lake waterskiing, wakeboarding and jetskiing. Cindy and her family also love to play sports any kind, any time, anywhere— basketball, volleyball, tennis, golf. Cindy believes staying fit is just a matter of being active.
Favorite Healthy Breakfast: Dave’s Killer bread toasted with avocado and chili flakes, add an egg for some protein

“There is nothing that gets your blood pumping like a kickboxing class, cardio, strength, endurance, flexibility all wrapped into one hour of great fun!”