Leann Mullender

Leann has been a long time member of Warrior Fitness and joined our instructor team June 2016. She brings a ton of new ideas guaranteed to make your muscles burn!

Favorite Exercise: Pull-ups, push-ups, planks. All arms all day
Favorite Activity: Hiking, gardening, Warrior workouts, anything active
Favorite Healthy Breakfast: Cappuccino, fresh fruit, english muffin with egg whites, with a side of pre-workout

“I love Warrior because the workouts are always new, always a challenge, and always an all-over workout. I have given up on many gyms because I get bored with the equipment and the routines become predictable. The instructors at Warrior have always made sure I push myself to the limits and reach my goals and keep coming back for more. Whenever someone asks “what do I have to do to get arms like yours?” my answer is simple: join Warrior Fitness and you’ll never look back.”