Megan Anderson

Megan ClancyMegan started kickboxing at the club in 2002 and became an instructor within the year. Here’s how she describes her style and love of all things Warrior:

I love the combination of power and cardio within each class. I love the variety of each workout – it keeps me mentally motivated and physically challenged. After 13 years, I still kickbox 5-6 days a week! I hope that everyone leaves my class sweaty and invigorated. Each of my classes has a healthy dose of bag work. Nothing beats a good punch and kick fest!

Even though I live in Burlington, I keep Warrior Fitness in my life because of the relationships with other instructors and members. This is home to me!

Favorite Exercise: Hooks
Favorite Activity: Former runner turned kickboxer.
Favorite Healthy Breakfast: Cheerios

“I love the workout kickboxing provides. It gives me muscles, keeps me trim, and makes me feel great on the inside. After 8 years, it continues to challenge and invigorate me.”